About Me

Does anyone read these anymore?

Who Am I?

I find it difficult to sum myself up. Every time I try, I always read it back to myself and imagine a really critical teenage girl reading it in a condescending voice and then looking at me and saying "Really?" You know what I mean? So anyway here are the basics- I'm a self conscious, full time working 21 year old from Atlanta who likes to talk about books. My dream is to open up a new and used bookstore that has a better buying policy than 2nd&Charles. I'm bad at taking selfies, so I don't post a lot of pictures of myself, but I will spam you with pictures of my gorgeous Chorkie puppy named Panfila. If you want to find out more about me, check me out on twitter or read the blog!

What To Expect From This Blog

I won't have great graphics or compose eloquent debates about controversial issues. Also my grammar has been known to be sub par at times. I know my limitations. My field of expertise include well timed funny gifs, finding ways to slip in roasts about my personal life while talking about books, and complaining. I also really like to review books, but I read slowly. 
You can expect at least one review a month.
At least one post a week, be it a discussion post, a giveaway, a nother thing... what have ya
I can also host giveaways now, and I hope to do one monthly.

What I Want From This Blog

I love blogging. I always come back to it no matter how long I'm away. This is the third blog I've run in the past five years. I love talking about books, I love throwing myself into this community, but after a few months of it, I tend to burn out. A grand total of NONE of my blogs have celebrated their one year anniversaries. BUT HOPEFULLY NOT THIS TIME! I really just want to be able to dedicate myself to this blog for at least a year. I'll be 100% jazzed if I can accomplish that.


This is Panfila. She is a 7 month old Chihuahua Yorkie (Chorkie). She's all ears, full of energy, loves walks, has social anxiety, will weasel her way into cuddles at any given moment, and will bark at anything that moves or makes noise. This dog is my life.

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