Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I've listened to a lot of Hamilton

Dear friends and followers I've accumulated over the past two blogs, a figment account, and via twitter... 

So you might have noticed that this is a new blog, and I've been gone for like a really long time. And you might be like "Aahhh SJ where have you been??" Or you might be like "SJ who are you?" or maybe you're thinking "I'm not actually going to read this I just accidentally clicked on the twitter link maybe if she has really descriptive gif/image placement I can get the gist of her rant." Whatever you're thinking, rest assured I will explain myself, and re-introduce myself and I will be very wordy about it.

Where is the old blog?
I deleted it! BUT DON'T FREAK OUT! It's only partially deleted (because I can't figure out how to completely erase it). If you just google my name the old blog still pops up I think. But once this blog gets going you'll see that I've not really changed my style at all. I'm still the same person! :) My old blog was created when I lived with my parents, and now I'm out of their house. I just wanted a new blog to go with the whole "new life" theme I've been pushing.

it's me. it's still me. just in a new location with maybe a fraction less angst.

Will you take new profile pictures for twitter and the blog?
Yes. Eventually. And they will be the most glamorous headshots my phone's shattered self facing camera can produce.

What have you been up to?
OOOOOHHHHHHHH ho ho ha that's a mega long story, and boy do I love telling stories. But I'm also one of those people who completely word vomits every detail about themselves and then regrets it later on. So I'm going to try and practice some restraint and keep the specifics to myself. For those of you who are going to skim, let me save you some time and just tell you that this is 87% me gushing about how awesome it is being an adult and having health insurance. Here are the bullet points for everyone else:
  • I started my first job (at a bookstore!!!!), but that job went out of business, so then I went into retail as a sales person and let me tell you what... while I love all my coworkers and the discount is totally bomb, having to interact with customers and clean up their messes and witness the blatant disrespect they have for salespeople absolutely infuriated my introverted self. So I got a full time job as a small parts packager for a motor company, which is honestly such a step up, like guys I have health insurance. 
  • Got a boyfriend. For some of y'all that's old news, but I'm totally psyched that he's still in the picture, and I was like "babe we can get married and YOU can have health insurance" and he was like "HELL YEAH I'LL GET NEW GLASSES" but his parents said to calm down.
  • I've gotten really into walking and exploring my town, going to parks, hiking trails, dragging my anti-social dog to dog parks where she walks right under my feet.
  • I signed up for Hulu. Been watching the Mindy Project and a lot of BBC romances.
  • Got spotify. Listened to the Hamilton soundtrack only a couple thousand times. My favorite songs are You'll Be Back, and Yorktown (HERCULES MULLIGAN), and for some reason I just really dug all of Aaron Burr's songs, and anything by Daveed Diggs. And I'm one of those people who doesn't give two shits about Laurens and I'm sorry.
this moment is my favorite part and always will be. Burr's "I'M WILLING TO WAIT FOR IT" is a close second.
  • Paid taxes for the first time.
  • lost some friends and gained some better ones and got in touch with people i hadn't spoken to in a while
  • And a license so like I can drive now and I have that awesome job so i can pay for the gas to drive and i can also save money to get my own car to drive and i'm just really pumped this is such an accomplishment for me
  • also i've been paying off a surprise $1000 debt from that one year of college i did :) yeah. It sounded sketchy but I did my research and it was a legit debt. Anyways, that's almost completely paid off, and I'm so relieved I could cry.
  • My eyes suck and I can't really see stuff most others can see at a distance, but it's okay BECAUSE NOW MY EYES ARE COVERED THROUGH HEALTH INSURANCE 
  • Pretty much whenever I drive anywhere I point at restaurants and say "I'm going to eat at you" "and you" "and gawd you look good" and then I do go and eat at the restaurants
  • I turned 21 so I can drink now, and I've suddenly lost all desire to do so??? Like I'll forget I have the power to publically consume alcohol. 
  • I got my dog a car seat. I'm the type of person who has dog car seat now.
  • I got brand new birkenstock look a likes for $10. Yes I count that as an accomplishment worthy of note.
  • I'm running out of things to say i literally just work and eat and walk and listen to hamilton and watch tv or play with my dog. 
So as you can all clearly see I've not been doing much. I've just accumulated some adult perks and responsibilities and a really cool dog.

my photography has not gotten better and it never will. we all just need to accept that.

Why have you started a new blog?
The whole reason I used to blog was because it gave me a sense of purpose, and to get up in the morning. But then my life kind of derailed because i'm dramatic, and I floundered about for a few months trying to figure out who I was as a person. I couldn't really keep ahold of myself AND the blog. Like nothing bad happened, it was just a typical case of a sedentary teenager becoming an adult with no real life goals. Anyways, I'm slowly pulling myself together and finding my way.

Something that has never changed throughout my entire life is that I love books. I also like being in charge of myself and my schedule. My new goal in life is to have my own bookstore. That is MY goal, that I found by myself without help from anyone else, and it's something that doesn't rely on anyone else. Who knows if I'll ever actually reach that goal, but at least it's there. The point is I am happy with my life. I have a new hope, and I felt it was time for a new blog.

What have YOU been up to? Also I have missed a full years worth of book releases/news, so somebody please catch me up on what's good...


  1. So much! Hope you get into it all again and have fun with it!
    And even though I haven't "left" the internet space 😂 I need to look at the new books. I know ACATAR (3) just came out. Along with ALWAYS AND FOREVER LARA JEAN.
    Hmmmm, thinking of what else 😂

    1. I'M EXCITED FOR ACOWAR!!!! but i've never read any of the lara jean books O_O i'm just so out of it.